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Prarthna Kedia, start up lawyer, contract expert and corporate law specialist at business startup attorney at Cogent Law Group

Prarthna Kedia


Corporate Law

Before joining Cogent Law Group as a Legal Consultant, Prarthna previously served as an associate at a corporate litigating law firm in India, she has worked in-house with two Global IT companies, handling business for the U.S.A, Australia and China Jurisdiction while working at these companies.

As a contracts lawyer, Prarthna recognises the need for understanding business aspects of the law, and seeks at having a practical and business like approach when negotiating and reviewing contracts.

Apart from her experience working as a contracts lawyers, she has also had an interest in several other diverse legal issues. She has written and presented papers on the issue of Print disabled and copyright, at International Society for Indian Law in Delhi, India, Whistle Blower and the law, at Tu├ínku Ja’ afar University, Malaysia, and a paper on Human rights at the International Law Student Association (ILSA) at Istanbul, Turkey.

Prarthna recieved her J.D. from Christ University, Bangalore and her LLM from University of California , Berkely School of Law.