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Amos Gilkey, Partner, tech startup lawyer and cannabis attorney experienced in DeFi and corporate finance

Amos Gilkey



Amos Gilkey is an experienced executive, entrepreneur, and consultant with deep industry knowledge and contacts across a diverse set of global industries and markets such as innovative positive impact ventures, professional recruiting, cleantech, political campaigns, Equity Crowdfunding, International business, and entertainment.

Amos is ranked as one of the top 25 business plan judges worldwide from over 1000 professionals by a large NGO for his ability to accurately assess the likelihood of future venture success. He offers this unique and valuable venture assessment consulting service to firm clients and interested parties.

Amos is the Founder of CleanWave Group, which provides professional recruiting and business development services.

Prior to forming CleanWave Group, he worked as a lead recruiter at GroupMagellan Legal Placement.

Active in the Equity Crowdfunding sector, he is co-founder of a Title III Portal in early formation. Amos has attended numerous private and public sector events, conferences, presentations, and meetings regarding the burgeoning global Equity Crowdfunding sector.

Amos has been active with political campaigns and political strategy for decades. He has focused on raising financial resources and assisting with ground game for select state and national campaigns.

Fluent in Dutch, Amos is a Founding Director of the Netherlands America Chamber of Commerce DC Chapter. He lived in The Netherlands for many years and developed numerous personal and business connections. He is active in the Dutch American community and is regularly invited to attend events at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC.

His over two decades of entrepreneurial, consulting, and recruiting experience coupled with active involvement in innovative and venture focused sectors, has given Amos the opportunity to develop key contacts and industry knowledge in diverse sectors of unique value and interest to firm clients.

Amos received an Advanced Bachelors from Occidental College.