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Corrie Sirkin




Corrie is a family law attorney with over ten years of relevant legal experience providing services to clients in Virginia, New Jersey and New York.  Her practices focuses on family law and domestic relations including divorce, child custody, visitation, paternity, child support, equitable distribution, pre-marital agreements, spousal support, separation, pre-marital agreements, modification, post-judgment matters, mediation, and property settlement agreements.

Corrie understands complex interpersonal relationships and provides appropriate emotional support as well as legal advice.  She is well versed in the unique needs of business owners as they relate to family law matters.  Any business owner should consider a prenuptial, postnuptial, or other agreement to protect themselves and their business.  Moreover, business partnerships should consider requiring these type of documents which may protect their business from discovery and litigation that can be extremely detrimental to businesses.

Corrie’s ability to problem solve in a rational, professional and courteous manner provides proven positive outcomes. There are many options for alternative dispute resolutions including settlement discussions, negotiation and mediation which may allow the parties to reach an agreement with less emotional and financial cost.  She is fully prepared to forcefully litigate for her clients. Not every case may be settled or resolved and litigation may be necessary. She will be a strong advocate in court. Corrie has experience dealing with complex cases involving business valuation, experts and complex financial situations. She strives to achieve the best possible resolution for your family while being conscientious of your money.